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October is the time of year when the weather is just the right temperature and the holiday season is just getting started.

So how do you celebrate the month of October? Need some inspiration on how to make this month all it is cracked up to be? Check out our list of activities to try out in October!

  1. Carve or Paint a Pumpkin! - Grab a group of friends, take a break from schoolwork, and get creative! Download free printable templates from online.
  2. Decorate your Doors - Share you Halloween spirit with your neighbors by decorating your front door. If you want to get more value for your money, buy things that will last for future Halloweens.
  3. Dress Up For Halloween - No matter what you choose to be for Halloween, it will be better than not dressing up! Whether you want to be a one person show, or you want to do group costumes, your choices are unlimited.
  4. Do Fun Costume Makeup - Makeup is daily routine for many people, but on Halloween it means we let loose and get creative with it.
  5. Watch Halloween Movies - Make a list of the Halloween movies you want to watch each night of October, or search your streaming device for Halloween related movies and add them to your watchlist.
  6. Make a Halloween Playlist - From soundtracks of your favorite Halloween flicks to modern music, there is so much to choose from when it comes to a festive mix. Songs you must include are the Monster Mash, Thriller, Ghostbusters, The Addams Family theme song, and This is Halloween!
  7. Host a Costume Party or Attend One - Seeing what people look like dressed up, can be the best part of Halloween!
  8. Do Something Thrilling - Go to Halloween Horror Nights, a local Haunted House, Haunted Hayride, or even a Ghost Tour.
  9. Buy Fall Candles and/or Air Scents - Make your room, entire apartment, or car smell like the season itself! Many places have holiday sales going on.
  10. Make Holiday Treats – Pumpkin flavored everything! Try out some holiday favorites like pumpkin bread and caramel apples.

We hope you have a Spook-tacular October and find time to try out all the fun activities on this list! Don’t forget to contact the Leasing Office to ask about saving money on next year’s lease by renewing early!